Appropriate penalties must be in place for those who fail to control their dog at all times, and the Agriculture Minister must implement the necessary controls urgently, according to the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) .

IFA National Sheep Committee Chairman Sean Dennehy said farmers’ patience with authorities on this issue is “running out quickly,” as he pointed to a recent incident that has left more than 20 sheep deaths following dog attacks in County Tipperary.

Need “appropriate sanctions”

Dennehy said the significant increase in dog attacks in recent months remains a serious concern for farmers and the message “just isn’t getting through.”

“The Minister of Agriculture [Charlie McConalogue] must advance controls and enforcement actions for careless dog owners. We need a single national database for all dogs across the country that identifies the responsible dog owner, ”Dennehy said.

“There must be appropriate penalties in place for those who fail to control their dog at all times, and for those whose dogs are identified as worrying / attacking livestock. “

He added that the lack of action by government and local authorities to “put in place appropriate sanctions to deal with irresponsible behavior by dog ​​owners is unacceptable.”

IFA ‘No dogs allowed“continues, to highlight the damage that uncontrolled dogs can inflict on animals and the need for appropriate legislation to protect farmers and their livestock.